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Moda Munchkin is not a model agency and does not claim to be so. Moda Munchkin is a placement/referral service. We do not take a fee from the client (boutique owner/designer), nor do we take a percentage of the model's compensation, however we do require a listing fee paid by our models to be placed on the Moda Munchkin website. All models must also agree to the Model Release/Media Consent form. Models under the age of 18 must have parental consent.

We do not guarantee the booking of models, but if a model is listed for a longer period of time the greater the chance of being booked. All models will be exposed to boutique owners and designers, photographers, and other media outlets including but not limited to talent and model agencies as well as casting calls/auditions.

The submission of photos to Moda Munchkin does not guarantee approval to be listed on the Moda Munchkin website. Submissions are generally rejected if photo quality is poor, there is poor lighting in the photo, and background images (such as inside a home) is excessive. However, you are welcome to resubmit if not approved. Upon approval payment is due within three business days, and upon receipt of payment a composite card of the model will be created and listed on the Moda Munchkin website. 5-6 photos of high quality should be submitted. 3 photos will be chosen for the model's composite card at the discretion of Moda Munchkin.

Compensation to the model will generally be the outfits/accessories the model will wear for the photo shoot. If cash is rewarded to the model, it will generally not exceed the cash value of the clothes/accessories modeled. If the boutique owner/designer requires the return of the merchandise, it is the model's responsibility to mail them back, however, return shipping will be paid for by the boutique owner/designer. All merchandise will be mailed to the model by the boutique owner/designer.

Boutique owners/designers who require the return of merchandise after receiving photos must provide return postage paid shipping to models. In this instance compensation to the model should be monetary (please see above).

If a model does not return photos, it will be the model's responsibility to ship back merchandise to the boutique owner/designer at the model's own expense. If a model does not return photos that are deemed to be usable and approved by the boutique owner/designer and does not return merchandise, then an invoice will be sent for the full retail value of the item by the boutique owner/designer to the model. If the invoice is not paid by the model further action will be taken.

All communication (besides shipping) will be between Moda Munchkin and the boutique owner/designer and referred to you by e-mail and/or telephone. It is the absolute policy of Moda Munchkin that models do not contact the boutique owner/designer directly. Any and all contact (besides shipping) must be initiated and maintained by Moda Munchkin. Any breach of this violation of policy will result in the termination of the agreement between Moda Munchkin and the model, and the model shall be removed from the Moda Munchkin website without refund.

No refunds will be issued and all payment is final. Discounts will be offered to siblings.

It is the model's right to decline a booking although it is not advised to do so. Models who have accepted a booking must respond within 24 hours or the booking will be reassigned. It is the model's responsibility to inform Moda Munchkin if they need to be booked out due to unavailability due to vacations, etc.

At this time Moda Munchkin is accepting submissions from models 0-19 years of age and adults. Models do not have to live locally to the boutique owner/designer and a model's residence can be throughout the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii. At this time we accept submissions from international models but payment must be received in U.S. dollars. In addition, we do not guarantee a boutique owner/designer will ship merchandise overseas to countries other than the United States and Canada.

It is the model's responsibility (and parents of models under age 18) to inform Moda Munchkin of updated measurements. Measurements and photos should be updated regularly.

If a model is signed with an agency and has an exclusivity clause, please be aware of the agency's policies regarding local bookings. For example: if you are signed with a model agency in New York City/Los Angeles/Miami, etc., and you have an exclusive contract, please make sure you are allowed to book a job with a boutique owner or a designer within the same city.

Occasionally, Moda Munchkin will offer promotional specials including but not limited to: casting calls for fashion shows, photo shoots or other events. Moda Munchkin models wishing to be considered for promotions can enter at an additional fee.

Moda Munchkin participates in company advertising in various media including but not limited to: magazines, websites, radio, blogs, groups and social networking sites. We reserve the right to use any photo received by Moda Munchkin from our bookings in Moda Kids Magazine, and other media. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information on privacy disclosures for the Moda Munchkin website.


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