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We are so pleased to be affiliated with incredible boutiques, branding unique and often handmade clothing and accessories. To view our list of boutiques and the incredible merchandise they are showcasing, please click on the link: Boutiques & Designers.

If you are a registered company with Moda Munchkin and wish to book a model, please fill out our booking form by clicking on the link below...

Booking Form

Information for Boutique Owners and Designers

Boutique owners and designers will ship merchandise directly to the model. However, Moda Munchkin will assume responsibility of contact between the boutique owner/designer and the model for anything other than the shipping of merchandise. Any and all communication to the model (other than shipping) will be initiated and maintained by Moda Munchkin.

Should a boutique owner/designer require the return of merchandise, return postage paid shipping must be provided. Photos will be sent to Moda Munchkin and forwarded to the boutique owner/designer. If you would prefer a CD or DVD of your model's photos, Moda Munchkin can provide one. Please e-mail for details:

If you would like to register with us as a boutique owner/designer, please fill out this brief form. Please note you will need to register before you can book models:

Company Name:

Contact Name:

Website Address:

Phone Number:



Alternatively, please send an e-mail to:


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